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Registering hongkongFees + first year address and secretary fees + first year service fees

 Registering Fees: The registering fees include government fees for certificate of incorporation and business registration certificate, and some other fees for printing statutory book, share certificate and articles of association and making common seal, company signature chop and company chop and green box.
 Registered Office Address: RICHUNG can offer you a registered address which can be used for government, bank and all company letters for your company, and it is located in Kowloon, which is a business center with international banks such as HSBC, SCB, HSB, BOC, Nanyang Commercial Bank, DBS, Dah Sing Bank and CITCI.
 Company Secretarial: RICHUNG can be your company secretarial in ensuring compliance with ongoing legal returns, accounts, audit and other requirements
RICHUNG can provide company secretary services and accounting services which include accounting articles, phone answering, fax receiving.
RICHUNG can also assist our clients in opening a bank account.
Account consulting services include registering companies, company alteration, accounting, auditing, notarizing, financing, listing in Hong Kong main board or GEM.
Annual Returns:
Fees for annual returns include fees for certificateof incorporation and business registration certificate
The annual return filing documents will submit to Hong Kong company registry and Inland Revenue Department by accountants in RICHUNG.
Supporting services of annual returns: RICHUNG provide company registered address, company secretary services, business services and redirecting letters.
Remarks: The annual return filing documents must be signed by the directors of the companies.
Attentions: Please save bills, contracts and receipts or invoices in your business activities for 7 years for government inspections.
Obligations of Inland Revenue Department
1: Hong Kong company must pay fees for business registration certificate each year.
2: Hong Kong company must file corporate tax returns and tax auditing report each year, and please save accounting documents and records for 7 years.
There are also some obligations of Hong Kong company registry which Hong Kong company must file annual returns each year, and if there are alterations about directors or shareholders, the corresponding information must be submit to company registry for public inspection and protecting the interests of the company and the public.
Taxation in Hong Kong
1. Hong Kong tax policy: It is clearly stipulated by Inland Revenue Department that companies in Hong Kong follow the geographical source taxation.
2. Company taxation: Companies carrying on no business in Hong Kong won’t be chargeable to profits tax, and the business includes manufacturing, processing and marketing.
3. Company taxes: For the fiscal year, the profits tax rate is 16.5% for companies. If there are no profits in Hong Kong, companies don’t need to charge any profits tax in Hong Kong.
4. Taxes for trading company: If the trading company is doing offshore business, for example, the company purchases goods in China and then sale in USA or European countries, and the goods are delivered directly from Shanghai or Shenzhen to the mentioned countries, in that case the company don’t need to pay any profits tax for this trading act.
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