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Hong Kong registered company

For corporate registration in Hong Kong, the following shall be provided or determined:
To determine both Chinese and English names or the English name of the company in Hong Kong
To determine the number of shareholders and to provide copies of valid identification documents or passports (which impose no restrictions on nationality)
To provide copies of the business license and the identification card of the legal representative in case of corporate registration by any corporate entity in Hong Kong
To determine the registration capital (which shall determine whether the fund is deposited in place)
To determine the registered address of the company in Hong Kong (which may be provided by our Company)
To determinea company secretary (which may be provided by our Company)
Procedures for registering a company in Hong Kong:
Search for a Company name->Complete power of attorney and agreements-> Sign registration documents->Submit the application to the government->Receive deliveryof all corporate documents by the government
Information will be provided upon incorporation of a company:
Registration certificate (business license)
Business registration certificate (tax registration certificate)
Articles of association
Share certificates
Financial chop
Corporate chop
Common seal
Green box
Company application information
Board meeting minutes
Service Package for Company Registered in Hong Kong
We provide company secretary services in Hong Kong.
We designate employees to answer phone calls, and receive and relay fax messages in Hong Kong.
We assist in processing bank accounts in Hong Kong.
We offer customs declaration services in Hong Kong.
We deal with listing of companies in Hong Kong.
We assist in depositing checks into accounts for our clients.
We prepare financial statements, file tax returns, and offer audit and consultation services for companies registered in Hong Kong.
Friendly reminder:
Due to the currently increasing difficulty of opening bank accounts with banks in Hong Kong, many banks reject applications for new openings. You are advised to exercise caution when selecting a competent company for processing such matters. Hongkong Richung Accounting Service Limited offers services regarding registration of a company in Hong Kong or overseas markets, and assists clients in opening a bank account with any bank in Hong Kong. No fees will be charged if the bank account fails to be opened.
Company registered

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