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Application for or exemption from registration of Hong Kong Societies
How to apply for registration of society in accordance with CAP 151 SOCIETIES ORDINANCE? What is a society?
"Society" means any club, company, partnership or association of persons, whatever the nature or objects, to which the provisions of CAP 151 SOCIETIES ORDINANCE apply.
Under what circumstance shall a society be registered in accordance the SOCIETIES ORDINANCE? Except those organizations listed in the Schedule of the Ordinance, any other organizations shall apply for or be exempted from registration in accordance with the SOCIETIES ORDINANCE.
Does the SOCIETIES ORDINANCE apply to nonlocal organizations?
A society shall be deemed to be established in Hong Kong, although it is organized and has its headquarters or chief place of business outside Hong Kong, if any of its office-bearers or members resides in Hong Kong or is present therein, or if any persons in Hong Kong manages or assists in the management of such society or solicits or collects money or subscription on its behalf:

Provided that no society shall be deemed to be so established, if and so long as-

(a) it is organized and is operating wholly outside Hong Kong; and

(b) no office, place of business or place of meeting is maintained or used in Hong Kong by such society or by any person on its behalf; and

(c)   no register of members of such society is kept in Hong Kong; and

(d) no subscriptions are collected or solicited in Hong Kong by the society or by any person on its behalf.
What materials are required for application for registration of Hong Kong societies?
A local society shall apply in the specified form to the Societies Officer for registration or exemption from registration within 1 month of its establishment or deemed establishment under section 2(2B) or 4. The application must be signed by 3 office-bearers and include details of-

(a) the name of the society;
(b) the objects of the society;

(c)   the particulars of the office-bearers of the society; and

 (d)       the address of the principal place of business of the society and of every place or premises owned or occupied by the society.
 Under what circumstance may a society be exempted from registration?
Subject to subsection (3), the Societies Officer may exempt a society or a branch from registration if he is satisfied that the society or the branch is established solely for -
(a) religious,
(b) charitable,
(c) social, or
(d) recreational purpose, or
(e) as a rural committee, or
(f) a federation or other association of rural committees.
What are the restrictions for societies‘ names?
No local society shall use a name for itself or its branch which-

(a) is identical with that by which a society already in existence is known or so closely resembles that name;

(b) is likely to mislead the public as to the true character or purpose of the society;

(c)   suggests that the society belongs to a class of persons specified in the Schedule when in fact it does not so belong; or
 (d)       contains the words "rural committee" or any other words which, in the opinion of the Societies Officer, suggest or are calculated to suggest that the society is a rural committee or federation or other association of rural committees unless such society is a rural committee or a federation or other association of rural committees acknowledged as such by the Secretary for Ho
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