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Hong Kong company structure

Hong Kong company structure

Registered Hong Kong Company Foreword:
Registered company is a rigorous work and the complexity of the matter, choose a professional qualification of the agency services for your company in the development process have a reliable guarantee! Choose "Hong Kong Ruicheng accounting firm", you can be "comprehensive" registered the establishment of the Hong Kong Limited services, and the establishment of the company‘s services more international professional accounting personnel, "Ruicheng" is different from the general company registration service (HKSAC), member of the Association of Chartered Accountants (FCCA), has more than 20 professional accounting cooperatives in the world, in the formation of the company, the company management, accounting tax, tax planning, etc. have Rich knowledge and experience, with sufficient conditions for customers to provide comprehensive business and financial advisory services.

The Importance of the Articles of Association of Hong Kong:
The Hong Kong Limited is managed by the Hong Kong Companies Act. The Articles of Association of Hong Kong is a company‘s principal legal document that describes the company‘s powers and the rules within the company. The articles of association of the Company of Hong Kong shall be submitted to the Hong Kong Companies Registry (CR) for approval prior to the establishment of the Company. Upon approval of the CR approval, CR will issue a certificate of incorporation, which is incorporated as a legal entity.
Note: The articles of association are very important. The organization of the articles of association by the accountant can ensure your legitimate rights and interests.

Hong Kong Limited Structure:
The basic structure requirements of Hong Kong Limited are at least one shareholder, one director and one company legal secretary. The legal secretary and the registered address of the company must be in Hong Kong.
Note: The registered address of the company and the legal secretary is very important, the real company registered address can receive important documents related to the company, and reliable legal secretary can provide you with follow-up service guarantee. Ruicheng has an independent office in Hong Kong, a person to receive customers to receive letters to send services.

Hong Kong company established:
The firm will provide two types of Hong Kong companies to set up the way: according to customer requirements to set up a new Hong Kong companies and the purchase of ready-made shell Hong Kong companies. The method of setting up a company according to the customer‘s request will be modified according to the different requirements of the customer (such as the structure of the shares, the number of shareholders / directors, the articles of association, etc.) and submitted to the Hong Kong company registration office for approval. And the purchase of ready-made shell Hong Kong company is your company / you choose to prepare the company name list to buy a ready-made company. The authorized share capital of these companies is 10,000 shares, and HKD: 1 per share and issued 2 shares. Existing subscribers will transfer 2 shares to 2 new buyers. This is the fastest way to set up a Hong Kong company.
Note: It is important to choose a ready-made company for accounting professionals, and you can ensure the legitimacy and legal assurance of ready-made companies.

Company‘s statutory anniversary statement:
The Hong Kong company‘s annual filings refer to the fact that the Company‘s registrar and the Inland Revenue Department submit the legal operation of the Company for the previous year. Therefore, the statutory documents must be made by the accountant and then submitted to the Companies Registry and the Inland Revenue Department for examination and approval after confirmation by the directors of the Company.
Note: The annual declaration of the company is very important, the annual declaration is the government departments to determine the legitimacy of the previous year.

Hong Kong Company Legal Secretary:
"Ruicheng" As a professional international accounting authority, we provide statutory secretarial limited company to reduce the customer in the face of the relevant laws may be caused by the troubles and doubts. We will pay attention to whether we have complied with the terms of the Company‘s laws, the rules of organization of the individual company, the company (form) regulations, the business registration and stamp duty, as well as the company (winding up) code and other relevant laws and regulations. We will also provide our clients with information on new company legislation from time to time and analyze their impact so that they can keep up with the information and avoid unnecessary misunderstanding or incurring unnecessary fines.
Note: By Ruicheng accounting institutions for the company to apply for registration, Ruicheng Co., Ltd. as the company‘s statutory secretary, for your company to provide integrated development services.

Hong Kong company bank account:
In the opening of the account when the relevant banking institutions are required with the Hong Kong company certificate issuer to verify the legitimacy of your company‘s registered information, registered companies can not open an account in the bank This is a key issue, we are related to the bank account authorized to ensure that Hong Kong companies, BVI companies, US companies, UK companies and other overseas companies in Hong Kong and mainland China to open an account.
Note: Bank account is very important, "Ruicheng" to provide you with relevant bank account insights, the relevant banks have different service methods and charges.

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