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Hong Kong company registration conditions

◆ Hong Kong is a highly developed international metropolis, is the world‘s most liberal trade port of commerce, coupled with its own good infrastructure and sound legal system, which gives entrepreneurs and businessmen to provide a unique business environment The In order to make Mainland entrepreneurs more quick to understand Hong Kong, we have made the following briefing:
◆ apply for Hong Kong company conditions: at least one person over 18 years of age (a passport or identity card of the mainland citizens or overseas); have registered address and legal secretary;
◆ Shareholders and Directors of Hong Kong Companies: Shareholders are investors of joint-stock companies whose directors are elected by the shareholders. The chairman of the board is the head of the board of directors. Before the establishment of the company must first determine the shareholders, directors, directors and the proportion of shares between them;
◆ Hong Kong company legal secretary: the Government provides a limited company must have a statutory secretary, the statutory secretary by the Hong Kong local natural person or legal person. In general, we can help you arrange the legal secretary;
◆ How to start the registration company: fill out the "registered Hong Kong company power of attorney" and "registered Hong Kong company agreement" fax or e-mail to Ruicheng accounting can begin;
◆ Registration of Hong Kong Company Process: Signing Power of Attorney - "Sign Agreement -" Delivery Deposit - "Sign the Statutory Application Document -" go to the government departments to complete the formalities - "1-7 business days to complete and pay the balance to receive a full set of information. (Data can be sent directly to your designated location);
◆ Hong Kong company information content includes: company registration certificate (business license); business registration certificate; company charter; stock of this; steel seal, strip chapter, small round chapter; meeting record; copy of application documents; accountants issued account documents, One of the graphic boxes;
◆ Hong Kong company business scope: Hong Kong company‘s business scope in principle, there is not much limit. Regardless of the name of the company as long as the legal premise can operate any nature of the business, such as: finance, health care, shipping transport, import and export trade, real estate, construction, decoration, information network, clothing and textile, tourism, cultural publishing ; Some more difficult to register in the country in Hong Kong companies can be registered.
◆ Hong Kong company name choice: Hong Kong companies named more free, regardless of the size of the registered capital, the Hong Kong government to allow the company name contains international, group, holding, industry, investment, college, association, foundation, institute and other words; Plus your favorite place names, such as: France, the United States, Italy, Japan, Shanghai and so on;
◆ Hong Kong company fees: (including government certificate fees, business registration fees, print costs, seal costs, transportation courier fees and professional services costs).
◆ Hong Kong company registered capital: limited liability company minimum registered capital of 10,000 Hong Kong dollars, no capital verification.
Ruicheng accounting account tax, no business company does not have to do the audit, you can save the cost of doing audit, Rui Cheng Certified Public Accountants to do the account tax advisory services;
◆ Hong Kong companies to apply for tax: the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department must be taxed once a year, the tax rate by the Inland Revenue Department‘s net profit of 16.5% to levy profits tax; Hong Kong has no business tax and value-added tax, the company is not profitable not tax. Personal income tax from 2% -20% to step by step progressive import and export goods except tobacco and alcohol tax, but all import and export goods must be declared;
◆ Hong Kong company business secretary: Ruicheng advantage lies in the enterprise registration is completed, the formal service for your company to start. Ruicheng provide one-stop set of target services, to help you solve business problems. With hundreds of dollars can replace tens of thousands of dollars of overhead, really do the source cut.
◆ Hong Kong company set up bank account: bank account must be established in Hong Kong companies to apply. Accountants generally require directors and shareholders to visit the bank, but we will make a tie, such as: recommended bank, arrange the customer to the bank account opening procedures, if necessary, can handle bank accounts around the world, prepared by the accountant signed account file, Meeting records, bank account application, hand to help open an account.
◆ Hong Kong company invoice receipt: Hong Kong company‘s invoice is not printed by the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department, is the company‘s board of directors according to the nature of the company printed the issue. Invoices and receipts and other documents to be stamped with the company chapter, and by the responsible person in order to be effective.
◆ payment method: half of the standard offer as a deposit, the balance paid after the completion of registration. Welcome to our designated Hong Kong or Mainland account with cash, transfer, wire transfer, check or promissory note;
◆ Hong Kong company registration time: for limited liability company: 1-7 working days; branch 3 days; purchase Hong Kong ready-made company 1-3 days;
◆ Hong Kong Company Annual Report Annual Report: Hong Kong companies must report to the Companies Registry and the Inland Revenue Department once a year. Costs fluctuate with government adjustments.
◆ Hong Kong company accounting audit: the business of Hong Kong companies need to do account tax audit. May first choose Ruicheng accounting firm to deal with accounts.
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