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UK company registration

Corporate Registration in the UK
Located in the west of Europe as an island country, the United Kingdom of Great Britain, comprised of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and some small islands, faces Europe across the North Sea, the Strait of Dover, and the English Channel. It borders the Republic of Ireland, and its coastal line stretches a total of 11,450 km. The country is separated into four parts, namely, England (which is located in a plain in the southeast), Wales (which is situated in a mountainous area in the Midwest), Scotland (which is located in a mountainous area), and Northern Ireland (which sits in a highland and mountainous area).
èAdvantages of a company registered in the UK:
A company registered in the UK may set up its bank accounts in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and the UK, and is required to submit an annual return. In addition, its information is available for public inspection, enjoying a high level of credibility. In case that no business operations take place in the UK, the company is fully exempted from tax, but may purchase and sell properties in the UK. It may also be listed in the world’s major financial markets including Hong Kong. Companies registered in the UK enjoy a better legal status in the international market, and are under the protection of the Commonwealth.
Upon incorporation, the UK company is required to apply for a VAT (value-added tax) registration number in case that it wishes to operate local businesses related to liquor and cigarettes in the UK. The tax registration number requires the company to file taxes regardless of whether any business is conducted in the UK, and accounting fees will be charged as an additional expense.
èFor corporate registration in the UK, the following shall be provided or determined:
To determine the English name of a company
To determine directors and company secretaries/secretary and to provide copies of their identification or passports
To determine the registered address (which may be provided by our Company in London or other places)
To determine the registered capital of the company registered in the UK
To sign the power of attorney for registering a company in the UK
Completion of the registration process takes five (5) to seven (7) days
When applying for a value-added tax registration number, you are required to provide the following information: contacts of the company in China, introduction of corporate products, business contracts, invoices, and the website. As it is currently very difficult to obtain a VAT registration number, it is better to provide more detailed information upon submission of the application.
èInformation will be provided upon incorporation of a company in the UK:
1: Two chops
2: One certificate
3: One statement about current status
4: One application form
5: Three copies of the articles of association
6: One copy of the meeting minutes
7: One registration certificate
8: One case of the registration documents
9: One certificate of the initial nominee
èCorporate Registration in the UK
1:      Annual review
2:      Registered secretary services; use of a registered address; and services related to corporate registration in the UK
èThe following information shall be required for registering any trademarks in the UK:
1:      The name of any trademarks and trademark graphics (in case of any graphic form) shall be provided, and the dimensions shall be 10 cm × 10 cm
2:      Application of a business license shall be provided
3:      Contact phone numbers and correspondence addresses shall be provided
Application for any trademarks in the UK is submitted.
Acceptance under review will last one (1) month, and collection of certificates takes eight (8) months.
Company registered

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