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Hong Kong accounting responsibilities

Hong Kong accounting responsibilities
1, the design of financial accounting system, training accounting staff.
2, to provide accounting, finance, and other economic management consulting.
3, to assist in the development of contracts, agreements and other economic documents.
4, to participate in market research and feasibility study.
5, to guide the accounting, cost management, financial planning.
6, accounting application software training.
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Financial Statement Analysis:
1, analysis of purpose: to understand the past, evaluation now, predict the future, improve decision-making.
2, analysis of content: solvency, profitability, ability to resist risks.
3, analysis methods: comparative analysis and factor analysis table.
4, the limitations of the analysis: the report itself has limitations, different accounting policies, the basis of comparison is not the same.
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finance prediction
1, sales forecast;
2, estimate the required assets;
3, estimated income, expenses and retained earnings;
4, estimated the required financing.
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Cost accounting
Industrial enterprise product costing:
1, understand the process
2, set the cost of subjects, with particular attention to the details of the set of subjects;
3, according to the original document collection cost, the preparation of accounting vouchers;
4, according to the production of statistical data, the distribution of products and finished product costs;
5, the preparation of product cost calculation alone.
Hong Kong accounting mainly design accounting system, understand the company‘s past situation, predict the company‘s future risks, improve decision-making, and the development of corporate cost management, a variety of original collection, statistics of various types of data, preparation of accounts, etc., Ruicheng accounting firm to provide legal To understand the customer‘s industry characteristics, and to the business model, management structure, potential problems and risk management and other factors, make a thorough and effective audit blueprint; and we in the review process at the same time, Customers to maintain communication, so that customers to their own financial situation, have a proper understanding.

In the audit report, we will provide professional advice on the authenticity and fairness of the client‘s financial statements. In addition, we will advise on the enhancement of profit and its overall competitiveness and guide the relevant regulations to be followed by the directors of the Company In order to fulfill its due responsibilities.
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