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American trademark registration

Registered trademark of the United States

1. Trademark Use: US trademark first use of doctrine, so the first use than to make registration even more important.
2. Trademark Registration: At the same time as the application, prompt a proof of use in the United States, if no proof of use, must be registered before the application, how to use after swearing, and has been used in the United States to prove proof file.
3. Trademark category (trademark): that they operate the goods, and the use of the will, special trademark should apply for registration.
Service mark: not to represent the goods, but to provide the services provided.
4. American Trademark Registration Category: US Trademarks use international classification.
5. US Trademark Application Time: US trademark application for about 15 to 18 months.
6. US trademark registration time: from the date of registration for ten years, after the expiration of the application to continue registration.
7. Registered trademark use need to know: every five years after registration to be announced once, the announcement is still in use or to make the relevant proof.

US Patent and Trademark
Invention Patents: The protection period is 20 years from the date of application, the third year and a half, seven and a half years and one year and a half respectively. Need to pay maintenance fee, pay a total of three times. Need to be directly reviewed, approved after the registration certificate was issued and also announced.
New Style Patents: The protection period is fourteen years from the date of registration and no annual fee is payable.

US trademark registration:
The United States to use trademark on the use of the trademark, the protection period for ten years from the date of registration, can be extended several times, each ten years. If you have already used the trademark in the United States, you can make an application based on actual use, subject to the relevant proof of use and the date of use in the United States. If you do not use the trademark, you may make an application under the plan, but you must file a proof of use within six months after approval and the date of use of the mark in the United States. After approval, you can obtain the US trademark registration certificate.
Trade mark
Comparison of the patent, registered trademark in the application procedures will be more simple. Apply for registration under the name of the trade mark. Trademarks are not registered (register) and use, but after the formal registration of the trademark have a formal trademark use rights.
The license for US trademark registration is granted for six years.

US Trademark Application Process:
1) Registration of the US trademark of the initial investigation (Knock-out Search): This is a preliminary step, the lawyer first judge, and through computer screening to determine whether the trademark has been
Use, after the search to understand the application of the trademark can apply for approval.
2) complete search: After the initial inquiry and preparation, if the trademark is likely to be used, the lawyer will further study the proposed professional legal advice. Time about 7-10 days.

3) Registration of US trademark case for trial: a whole trademark registration application fee, including Knock-out Search, Complete Search, case application fee, attorney fees and so on.
Trademark registration

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