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Hong Kong Foundation application

Hong Kong Foundation application
Foundation: refers to the use of natural persons, legal persons or other organizations to donate the property to engage in public welfare purposes, in accordance with the provisions of this Ordinance to set up non-profit legal person. The Foundation is divided into a fund for public donations and a fund that is not for public fundraising. Public foundations in accordance with the geographical scope of fundraising, divided into a national public offering and local public foundations. A foundation is an institution that manages funds or special funds that are reserved for the maintenance, development, or development of a business. Generally non-profit non-profit organization. The aim is to promote the development of public welfare undertakings such as scientific, cultural and educational undertakings and social welfare relief through free financing. Funds have a clear purpose and purpose.
Such as Ruicheng Charity Foundation Limited, after the establishment, and then apply for exemption limited company. And finally became a trust limited company but the name is XX Charity Foundation.
The above refers to the trust is not the meaning of the share capital is recommended to set up a non-share capital of a certain charity Foundation Co., Ltd., and then apply for the word from the limited company, to become a non-share capital limited company A charitable foundation.

The requirements of the establishment of 2-3 members, there is no record of bankruptcy records, the constitution needs to be specially formulated (non-general limited company charter), Ruicheng accounting professional charity foundations, charters need to be approved by the government before they can apply (the contents of the constitution must be Charity-based), the other charity foundation name also need special audit.
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