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USA Company Registration

USA Company Registration
Located in the south of North America, the continental United States are bordered on the east by the Atlantic Ocean,on the southeast by the Gulf of Mexico, on the north by Canada, and on the west by the Pacific Ocean. The entire country can be separated by five geographic zones from east to west, with the Atlantic coastal plain and the Mexican coastal plain constituting the coastal plain in its southeast region.
As a highly developed modern market economy, the United Statesranks first in the global market by domestic gross product and foreign trade volume, while enjoying a comparatively developed macroeconomic control system. Moreover, the U.S. is rich in natural resources and boasts highly advanced technology. It is the largest commodities and servicestrading economic entity in the world.
For USA companyregistration, the following shall be provided or determined:
To determine the company name in English
To determine the number of directors and shareholdersand to provide identification certificates of one shareholder at least.
To determine a company secretary which may also be taken up by director.
To determine the registered capital which is not subject to verify it.
To determine a registered address in the United States.
To determine the ownership interest of shareholders in the company
To determine the registration stateof the company
Friendly reminder:
If the client is a green card holder when applying for registration of a company in the U.S., he/she is required to apply for anemployer identification number and set up an account for paying taxes including basic tax, income tax, and business tax.
Procedures of registering a company in the U.S.
Sign a power of attorney with our company->Prepare the relevant documents and registration forms through our Company ->Submit all documents to the registry, which takes fifteen (15) to twenty (20) working days to complete all registration formalities -> Pay off the outstanding balance and collect the relevant documents.
Information will be provided upon registrationof a company:
Statutory registration documents
Registration certificate
Rubber stamp and common seal
Share certificates
Articles of association
Company manual
Documents for opening a bank account
We are here to assist in companyregistration in the U.S. and open bank accounts in the U.S.

Annual maintenance services for a U.S. company:
Annual inspection
Company secretary services
Annual inspection and addresses
Accounting and taxation services
Application for a U.S. phone number which may be forwarded to Mainland China
Hongkong Richung Accounting Service Limited will assist in certification by Chinese embassies and consulates in the United States.
Friendly reminder:
For local business operations, a U.S. company is required to apply for anemployer identification number firstand thenopen a bank account.
In case the company does not apply for a federal employer identification number, it will be shown as “Suspended” or “Closed” on the website.
The meaning of being “Suspended” or “Closed” refers to the company that already submitted its annual return
is that this company fails to pay taxes, so it will bedifficulty in doingbusiness in the U.S.Taxes must be paid if it wishes to continue its business in the U.S.
Being “Suspended” or “Closed” is not that important for thosecompany whichdon’t do business in the United State, but the annual return must be submitted. Why?
I. If the annual report is not submitted, the Secretary of State does not have any filing of such company and records of the directors;
II. If the annual report is not submitted, there are no office service and telephone answering service . If this company’s clients in China request for verification of the U.S. company by phone, it will definitely affect the business of this company if no one can answer the phone calls;
III. If the annual report is not submitted, neither the application for the employer identification number nor the opening of any bank account is permitted when the company try to do business in United State again.
Company registered

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