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Corporate Registration in Canada
Located in the north of North America, Canada features the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean along its east and west, respectively. On its south lies the U.S., while on its north sits the Arctic Ocean. In addition, the entire country is comprised of 10 provinces and three territories. As one of the top seven Western industrialized countries, Canada enjoys comparatively advanced manufacturing and developed high-tech industries. Resource-based industries, primary manufacturing, and agriculture are all major economic pillars of the country.
Two ways to register a company in Canada:
1.      Following registration as a limited liability company under the federal statute, the company shall be incorporated under the Canada Business Corporations Act. As a result, the federal company can conduct its business anywhere in Canada, subject to extra-provincial registration requirements in each province or territory. Its registration fees are also comparatively expensive, so SMEs in general will be incorporated under the provincial business act within their desired province or territory.
2.      Following registration as a limited liability company under separate provincial or territorial statutes, the company is only permitted to conduct business within the province or territory of incorporation, but free from any restrictions regarding its business type. As a result, most SMEs favor this option.
3.      Corporate registration in Canada: no capital verification is required before a legal company is incorporated and begins its business activities. For companies incorporated in Canada, there are three forms, namely, sole proprietorship, partnership, and corporation.
I. Information to be provided by the client:
To determine two (2) or three (3) English names for the company to be registered in Canada (the name of which shall exclude such words or phrases as “royal”, “bank”, “commonwealth”, “cooperatives”, “chamber of commerce”, and shall end with “Inc.” or “Ltd.”)
To determine the registered capital (which is not subject to any capital restrictions or capital verification)
To determine the number of shareholders and to provide copies of their passports
To determine the business nature of the company registered in Canada
To determine directors of the company in Canada (which may be provided by our Company)
To have a registered address (which may be provided by our Company)
II: Information will be provided upon incorporation of a company:
One registration certificate (business license)
One registration form
One equity certificate (share certificate)
One chop
One copy of articles of association
One copy of the resolution of directors’ and shareholders’ meeting (meeting minutes)
One file case
Registration of a company in Canada takes ten (10) to thirteen (13) working days
Registration of Trademarks in Canada
The following information shall be required for registering any trademarks in Canada:
1.      Applications may be submitted by a natural person or a legal person;

2.      The name of any trademarks in the Chinese or foreign language shall be provided (which will not include inquiries into graphics);

3.      The name of any commodity or an item list subject to protection shall be provided;

4.      If your trademark(s) contain(s) colors, any color shall be specified.
II.     Materials required for any trademarks under application:
1.      In case of a legal person, a copy of the business license or any valid registration certificate shall be attached in accompaniment; in case of a natural person, a copy of his/her identification documents shall be provided;

2.      25 copies of clear trademark samples (which shall exclude photo paper), and the dimensions shall not exceed 10 cm × 6 cm;

3.      The application form shall be completed and signed by the applicant or the proxy on its/his/her behalf.
A review of the registration of any trademarks in Canada takes twenty-five (25) days, completion of which will take eighteen (18) to twenty (20) months.
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