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How much does the Hong Kong company have for any operation

How much does the Hong Kong company have for any operation?
There is no business description of the Hong Kong company: the newly established Hong Kong company, 18 months is not open, do account tax, can be used as a zero tax declaration, no need to pay any taxes.
After the establishment of the company, all the business and the bank account funds are coming from outside Hong Kong, this business, in the account tax, you can make offshore business, still do not need to pay any taxes, but do account Tax returns are inevitable.
Such as the company after the establishment of the arrival of Hong Kong, there are also outside Hong Kong business, so you need to do account tax, but in the tax, we will separate tax returns, Hong Kong that part of the business needs to pay taxes, overseas that part of the offshore Business declaration, no tax.
The company in operation, the need to save the following notes:
A, Hong Kong company‘s bank account monthly invoice
B, there is a check for the head of the check
C, Hong Kong company‘s total sales invoice (purchase products on the invoice to specify the product model and quantity)
D, Hong Kong companies all the purchase invoices (there is a sale must have sales, do not have inventory)
E, food invoices, tickets, accommodation invoices, domestic rental office invoices
F do the best when the invoice is not stock
G, housing rental invoice
H, employee payroll (salary table to be stated: employee name, salary, ID number)
I, import remittance notice
J, letter of credit (available on the offer).
Please submit the above bill to us when you make your account tax.
Hong Kong companies do account tax procedures are more complex, in order to prevent the intermediary companies in the account tax when there is a problem, resulting in the company suffered economic losses, in the account should be asked to deal with the account business, only to ensure that the rights and interests.
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