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British trademark application

British trademark application
British trademark The earliest legal system: In 1875, after overcoming many difficulties, finally established the world‘s first trademark registration law - Trademark Registration Ordinance 1875 (The Trade Marks Registration Act of 1875). And the world‘s first trademark registry was also listed in London in 1876.
British Trademark Authorities

The Patent Office
How to apply for a British trademark

Application documents to be submitted for registration of British trademarks
1, a registered trademark application;
2, a registered trademark design, specifications for the 10 × 10CM;
3, apply for registered trademark fees;

British trademark registration process
(B) the time required is 5 to 8 days;
The search report is made in writing, including whether there are identical registered trademarks and prior applications in the UK, listing the approximate trademarks searched and providing a written copy of whether or not the trademark is "confused" opinion. If the customer has to apply for a trademark of the text also has a pattern, the search will be free of charge, including that text and pattern two parts.
In the event of a positive application for the written opinion of the firm, the applicant will refund all the application fees due to objections arising from the existence of a trademark similar to the applicant.
British trademark application

After receiving the trademark registration application, TPO will conduct a formal review to determine whether it meets the basic requirements for trademark registration. If so, TPO will issue a date and submit a notice of acceptance to the applicant within one month of submission of the application.
British trademark review

After two months of filing an application, the TPO examiner will be responsible for reviewing and determining whether the mark is registered. If not, the examiner will send a letter to indicate the reasons for the return or the changes that need to be made. The applicant must reply within six months of receiving the letter, otherwise the application will be terminated. If the applicant‘s response can not be established, the examiner will be made the final dismissal. Applicants may appeal to the Trademark Review and Appeal Board. The main reason for the rejection is that the previously registered trademark is similar. Trademarks with descriptive marks, geographical names or other reasons relating to the application for goods or services may also be rejected.
British trademark opposition

If there is no reason to be returned or the applicant is valid, the mark will be printed on the trade mark. TPO will give the applicant a notice to inform the date of the announcement. After 3 months for the dissenting period.
British trademark certification

Trademarks during the announcement period no objection, the Patent Office will issue a trademark registration certificate.
The trademark registration protection is valid for ten years. The registration date of the trade mark is calculated on the date of registration.

Trademark registration

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