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Hong Kong trademark application

Hong Kong trademark application
The Hong Kong Trade Marks Registry, which began operation in 1874, is one of the oldest trade mark registries in the world. In addition to being responsible for the registration of merchandise trademarks, the Hong Kong Registered Service Trademarks began in 1992. From April 1996 to March 1997, 16,708 applications were received from the Trade Marks Registry. Over the past few years, the number of applications has been steadily increasing.
Trademark registration
Applicants who have applied for a new trade mark are required to meet the criteria set out in the Trade Marks Ordinance and will normally be notified within ten months of the notice. Subsequently, if the public has a legal basis, they may object to the statutory period of two months. If no one is opposed, usually in two months, the trademark can be registered. Therefore, if no one objections, the entire registration process takes about 14 months. The valid period for which a registered trade mark is protected by law is calculated from the date on which the Hong Kong Trade Marks Registry receives a valid application.
Applicable international conventions
Since China has extended the Paris Convention to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) and Hong Kong as a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO), trademark applicants have a "Paris Convention" priority when applying for application in the HKSAR.

Proposed new trademark legislation
The HKSAR plans to substantially amend the local trademark legislation in 1998. The Government has published the proposed new legislation to seek public views. If the proposed legislation is passed, it will simplify the procedures for application and review. Under the new legislation, the types of signs that can be registered as trademarks will increase. Such as sound and fragrance, may be registered, and the procedure for the transfer and grant of the license will be simplified and the application for registration involving more than one type of trademark will be accepted.

Hong Kong trademark application
First, the application conditions
1, can be a natural person or legal person to apply;
2, to provide the trademark of the Chinese or foreign language name (graphics do not provide inquiries);
3, to protect the product name or list of items;
4, if your trademark is color, you must specify which color

Second, apply for trademark application materials:
1, to apply for legal person, with "business license" or a valid copy of a copy of the certificate; to apply for natural person with a personal identification documents;
2, clear trademark design 25 (photo paper does not accept), picture size requirements of not more than 10 × 6 cm;
3, fill in the application form 1, the application form must be signed by the applicant or signed by the agent

Third, the trademark application fee:
1, inquiry fee: ordinary: a working day; details: ten working days
Fourth, for trademark registration procedures and the time required

Application for registration time: 30 days for trademark acceptance (TM) certificate of Hong Kong Intellectual Property Department; 8-12 months for trademark registration (R) certificate;
Registration Process: Hong Kong Intellectual Property Office Search - Formal Application - Initial Approval - Typography Printing - Gazette - Formal Approval - Certificate

Trademark registration

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