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Hong Kong company canceled

When a Hong Kong company is no longer open, you need to apply for cancellation,
First, before applying for cancellation of the company, you should first write off the company‘s bank account, so as to avoid the official cancellation, the bank account funds freeze, resulting in economic losses.
Second, if the company did not submit the annual report to the Registry, did not apply to the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department to replace the business registration certificate and pay the relevant costs, ignoring the government issued a fine notice, nor ignored the Hong Kong court issued a summons, more than A certain period of time the Government will be forced to write off, when the company directors and shareholders of information will enter the Hong Kong government blacklist, after the impact to Hong Kong to carry out business.
After the establishment of the Hong Kong company, if you want to terminate the business, you need to Hong Kong Registrar and the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department to submit accountants to write off the file.
The Inland Revenue Department allows the company to write off in the following cases:
1, to determine the Hong Kong company has never opened or has ceased to operate;
2, to determine the company is no longer open later;
3, to determine the company has sold all goods, funds, securities;
4, to determine the company has paid the tax: profits tax, business registration fees, government regulations under the fine,
5, to determine the company has completed all the duties of the tax regulations, tax returns issued by the Inland Revenue Department;
6, to determine the company to complete the annual financial statements payable.
If the account is still in use, the account is still in use, this is very dangerous, if the bank found that the company does not exist, it will immediately freeze the account funds, and how long to restore the company, or account funds will no longer belong to you.
The company has a year to do the account tax, write-off before the audit should be done before the account tax before they can apply to the Registry and the Inland Revenue Department to write off. Otherwise, the approval of the Inland Revenue Department is not approved.
Hong Kong companies to write off to find Swiss accounting firm, do account tax audit, cancellation of the entire service.
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