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Registered Japanese trademark

Registered Japanese trademark
Japan is a member of the Paris Convention on the Protection of Industrial Property, the Nice Agreement on International Classification of Goods and Services, the Madrid Agreement on the International Registration of Marks and the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property.
2, commodity trademarks, service marks, collective trademarks and defense trademarks in Japan can be registered.
3, the trademark classification using "international trademark registration of goods and services international classification."
4, the Japanese trademark is based on the application of the principle of prior.

Applicant ‘s subject qualification
Natural and legal persons can apply for trademark registration. Trademark applicants must be used in goods or services related to their business, or those who plan to use the trademark in the future. Therefore, in the trademark application, must fill in their own business.
For foreigners to apply for trademark registration, Japan mainly to take the following principles:
1. The State of the applicant is a member of the Paris Convention;
2, the applicant‘s country and Japan have signed bilateral agreements on trademark protection;
3, the applicant‘s country and Japan have reciprocity principle.

registration process
First, the form of review: the applicant to submit the application documents, trademark drawings, power of attorney and other documents of the legitimacy of the review.
Second, the substantive review: According to the law on the significance of the trademark itself, whether in line with the law, and whether the conflict with the previous rights to review.
Third, the announcement: After the substantive review, the applicant to pay the registration fee at the same time published notice, there are two months of the announcement period, during this period, any person has the right to object to this trademark.

Fourth, the approval of registration: trademark no objection or objection is not successful, then the trademark was approved to register "

5. Information provided by the Registered Japanese Trademark:
Trade name (query name)
Trademark design (10 * 10 cm)
Apply for an individual.
A copy of the identity card must be provided.
contact number.
contact address
A copy of the identity card of the legal person shall be provided with a copy of the business license.
contact number
contact address.
Japanese trademark: valid for ten years.

Trademark registration

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